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So after much waiting and countless searches we have finally booked our plane tickets to Kenya! There's no turning back now. And I couldn't be happier. Not only were they cheaper than I was planning on but we have a total of 25 hours to kill during our two layovers in LONDON. How freaking sweet is that. Its like I get to have a mini trip at the start and end of my wonderful summer. I have already made plans for our first stop in London haha. I am so going to have me a nice lunch in some rustic, authentic London bar. Oh and as if we wont have enough adventure over the summer in Kenya we also will be taking a megabus from KC to Chi-Town. Now that sounds fun doesnt it. I'm so excited. I'm turning into quite the world traveller I'd say. Ok well enough of me dreaming out my trip, for those of you who just care about the details here they are:

Leaving KC via megabus (see above): Thursday May 21
Leaving Chicago via BIG BIG plane: Saturday May 23
------Layover in lovely London
Arriving in Nairobi, Kenya: Monday May 25

***all sorts of adventure, service,
playing with kids, learning, growth, searching, getting lost (ya never know), sun, fun, travel, animals, etc***

Leaving Nairobi, Kenya: Tuesday August 4
-------Back to London for a night (possible staying in the airport; I'm gonna be tom hanks in The Terminal)
Arriving in Chicago: Wednesday August 5
Back to KC: Sometime thereafter



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