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Holy cow Manhattan! Oh how I love thee. But seriously, everytime we do an event like the Radina's show I am shocked at how much this town and university comes out and supports good people with good causes. Just like our Fake Patty's Day T-Shirts, the CD release/t-shirt sale was a huge success. We had a super great turnout and received a lot of support and encouragment from soo many people and I, along with the rest of my team, are greatly thankful for that. It is just so nice and soo invigorating to receive such genuine support and backing from your peers. I actually wanna make a specific shout-out to a few people..

Much thanks to:

  • Dana, Josh, Russell, Colby, Aubrey, Michael, and Chalupa---thanks so much guys for coming out and supporting not only me but my entire team. It means a lot and you guys all rock. I love my friends.
  • Danielle and Meredith---you two both have been incredibly supportive of our team and all of us involved in the program this year and it so greatly appreciated. not only do you two turn out to help out our fundraisers but you girls are always more than willing to help out and answer question and just lend a hend whenever you can. i don't know what the previous student coordinators have been like but i can assure you it's be hard to imagine anyone being any more supportive than you two (i'm sure tricia was a super coordinator too haha!)
  • Trisha---again, just like Meredith and Danielle you have been more than supportive of all of us and helped out whenever possible. I'm sure they both have taken a lot from you. (i'm not even saying this to suck up either ;-).....even if i am your least favorite, supposedly). This whole experience has been super great and smooth thanks in large part to Trish, Meredith and Danielle.
  • Dan, Liz, Cara, and Tiffany---for those of you who may not know, these four awesome people are members of the other Service Teams for this summer. Dan and Tiffany are going to Puebla, Mexico. Liz and Cara are going to Botswana. Yet all four of these people were soo cool and made it out to Radina's to support our trip and that is so great. It's so nice to have that kind of support from members of the other groups so that it is not 4 seperate teams doing 4 seperate programs but rather 1 Intl. Service program that happens to have several sites and teams. I urge everyone to support their teams every bit as much as ours and we (Kenya Team) are eager to lend a hand to them however we can.
  • All the Musicians on the CD: without all you of you and your awesome gifts we wouldn't be able to put on this event. Extra special thanks to those who performed tonight (Matt Patton, Nick Timmons and Dan Hornsby. **Super special thanks to Nick for stepping in at the last minute)
  • Last but not fellow team members! Nick, Deanna and Caitlyn you guys rock! I am super pumped to be spending 10 weeks with you guys (alright i know what your thinking, great Jamie is already annoying the crap outta me....too bad!). Seriously though this has been awesome. Without Caitlyn's super special skill at tie-dye we ain't got no shirts. And Nick, well as you can tell Nick is like a music extraordinaire. Not only can he play like 200 instruments (something close) but he was the man responsible for recording, mixing, etc this WHOLE CD!! and then there's Deanna....yeah anyways next topic. HAHA just kidding Deanna (had to get you back for taking shots at me)....pretty much Deanna and I are the ones who just the gopher work for Nick and Caitlyn's ideas...cuz all we came up with is bake sales and tubberware (lets us know if you wants some though haha). In all honesty, joking aside, I wouldn't trade my group for anything. We all bring something to the table and all together we pretty much dominate. Watch out Kenya, HERE WE COME!

Once again thanks to anyone and everyone who came out tonight. If I forgot to mention you or didn't mention you by name its not cuz i dont like you are you aren't important. The truth is, I am completely exhausted and its late but I really wanted to get this blog post out there while I was still riding this excitement.

Oh by the came to my attention today that we are somewhere around 1 MONTH AND A HALF away from leaving. That means in a little over a month I will be in freaking AFRICA, a whole ocean away. Talk about a dream come true (as most of you know).

paradoxically exhausted and invigorated,



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